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I'm going to guess the word:

LinkTCOne responds:

C_rrect! Haha :)

I wasted 5 minutes of my life. On a 12-second video. Very well done.

It's over... WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY!

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Game was great. I was so happy when I got out.

It was the last key.

1)Take a picture of the cricket when you get something boring, to get three crickets. Then take a picture of THOSE crickets. "
2)Take a picture of nothing. Literally not a single person or thing on screen.
3)Take a picture of the TV and the TV only.
4)Take a picture of the couple after telling them to get a room.

"Peace is boring. Violence goes viral. And every story needs a conflict, so... GIVE THE AUDIENCE WHAT THEY WANT."

Thanks, and you!

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This song is extremely useful for playing at a party when you actually have to go XD

Nice song, but stops abruptly and without warning. Also, I've been listening to your songs, and they give off a nice atmosphere, and they would fit nicely into the Audio Portal. Scouted!

WeirdMike responds:

A lot of these songs were test runs. I would get bored and make like 10-20 songs in day and either scrap them if I wasn't feeling a vibe with what I made, or I'd save them for later use if I did. There's quite a bit that stop like that. So, my apologies for that.

Very nice song that really sets the atmosphere, but I think the violins should have a little more release or a little less attack, as they are quiet every three beats, which loses my immersion every measure. This holds true especially for the second part, where the violins are barely audible at some parts. Other than the violins not flowing too well, I think the song is really nice.

WeirdMike responds:

Thanks for that feedback

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I like the piece, but I don't think the different colors work together too well. It needs more definition between the different elements, as right now I see a bunch of pink pixels. The elements themselves are very well done, but they don't work with the background.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Thank you for the critique. I should take note of that.

It looks sort of like Burgerpants from Undertale

Pretty good drawing, but why is it inside the Pixel Art category?

Blucif3r responds:

Whoops! Didn't mean to do that haha. I'll change it


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